Terms of Service
The following Terms of Service constitute an agreement between you, the client and Colorhost.de.

Clients will be held responsible for all actions performed by their account whether done by the account holder (the client) or others. If your account is compromised, it is the clients responsibility. We highly recommend that You, the client keep all logging information private to prevent security risk. By Agreeing to this terms of service, you also agree to our Privacy Policy.

Colorhost.de agrees to provide services, which are paid in advance by the client, to the client so long as the client remains compliant with the TOS.

Terms of Agreement
Colorhost.de reserves the right to the TOS or AUP at any time, It is the clients responsibility to keep their email address correctly updated. At the moment of change, if the client wishes to end services, they may do so with no additional charge, irrelevant of the next pay date.
Terms of Termination
Clients services will be suspended after 5 days of overdue payment. They will remain suspended until either the invoice is paid, or 5 days of overdue payment, after which the service will be terminated, and all data lost, clients who have their service suspended or terminated due to a continual breach of the terms of service, and acceptable usage and network policies, may not be eligible for a refund, all decisions are made at Colorhost.de Staff’s Discretion and all decisions are final.
Although we offer a 99.9% uptime guarentee, this DOES NOT include things that are beyond our control. For example, Datacenter outages.
Abuse Clientele
Colorhost.de may terminate, or suspend a client service(s) if they act in an abusive manner toward Colorhost.de Servers, or employees, examples of such activity include, but is not limited to:

-Written, or Verbal abuse toward Colorhost.de Employees (Profanity, Threats, etc.)
-Persistant Disregard to complaints, or content removal notices.
-Consistent errors or administrative changes causing unnecessary workload
-Spamming Colorhost.de Emails, Forums, Client Area, and Live Chat
-Frequent Payment bounceback, or overdue payments
-Sending false traffic, or large amounts of fake traffic
-Performing network floods, or Denial of Service Attacks
-Derogitory, False or Exaggerated forum and blog posts
-Issusing Payment Chargebacks
-Abusing shared resources causing issues for other customers Data

Colorhost.de will not be held responsible for any loss of data, it is up to the client to ensure their data is safely backed up, secured and protected. clients are provided with backup facilities in both cPanel for shared hosting, and SolusVM for VPS Packages.

Prohibited Content List
The following scripts are prohibited from use on our server and may not be uploaded or run. Reasons for banning them include adverse effects on server load, invitations to hackers/spammers
criminal activity, etc. :

– Nulled Scripts
– Phishing
– Malware or Viruses
– CPU or bandwidth intensive scripts
– DoS/DDoS Scripts
– Mailbombers or SPAM scripts
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