The maintenance of a (virtual) server can cause great worry: attacks against SSH or other services, exotic updating modules or software solutions,… – the large number of issues to consider are often overwhelming for the owner of a server.

Lack of maintenance can also become a problem: if a server is compromised due to vulnerabilities, it can be used to deliver malware or spam amongst other things. If the operator of a server’s negligence is proven, he/she is directly liable.

Using Colorhost’s management solutions those worriers are things of the past: We take care of the configuration and maintenance of your server – at a fair price.

Your BENEFITS at the a glance:

  • Ideal location at ISO 9001+2008 certified Tier III+Datacenter Global Switch (Frankfurt)
  • All Colorhost dedicated servers are shipped with first-class brand of Supermicro hardware.
  • Guaranteed 99.9% availability throughout the year.
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