Cluster Solutions

In case the capacities of a single server aren’t enough to answer all incoming requests properly and instantly anymore, the performance can be increased by Clustering. A cluster basically consists of multiple servers that can access a central database and therefore act as a unit.
In order to enable the cluster to work as a unit, a central distributor, that receives all incoming requests and passes them on to the single servers in the cluster, is set up. Due to this, the failure of a single server in the cluster can easily be dealt with.
Storage Cluster
The data, that is accessed by all single servers (nodes) of the cluster, can also be provided on another cluster, that is used for holding data exclusively. That so called “Storage Cluster” ensures consistent databases and, due to redundancy, can compensate the failure of single nodes. This increases the reliability and availability of the data storage immensely.
Experience shows that the requirements for capacities of the IT infrastructure grow-fluid steadily. But since performance and costs are proportionate to each other, a spacious construction with high reserves is inefficient. Well-planed systems can be easily extended on demand, they are scalable. Furthermore, overcapacities can be reduced flexibly or also rededicated.
High Availability
Due to redundant construction of all system-relevant components, from electricity supply to networks, that allow fluent operation even with partial system-failures, availabilities of 99.9% in annual average are reached.
If you wish so, we will design and implement a robust, scalable IT infrastructure for you, so your system always has optimal availability.
Real 24/7/365 availability of our support allows you to have flexible working hours. Your ticket will be handled as fast as possible by an agile 3-step-model, regardless of when it is submitted, and the issue will be solved to your entire satisfaction.
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